Michigan Blogs

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The new blog listings for Michigan.
You blog can be: about, in, for or from Michigan.

There will be several main categories:
  • Your Blog can be about Michigan. (You might focus on Detroit, the UP or anything generally about Michigan.)
  • You are a Michiganian and just be blogging about life in general. (You live in Michigan but you don't talk about Michigan very often other than day to day things).
  • You are a Michiganian and be blogging about anything specific. (You might be a blog about knitting or about technology and you may never mention anything about the state, but you do live here).
  • You are a company/business/corporation in Michigan with a blog. (You are in Michigan and blog about your business. This is free advertising for you so you must really be doing some kind of blog and posting several times per month.).

    We should be accepting submissions by Mid-Sept (maybe late Sept?) and go "live" a few weeks later (if I have enought submissions).

    Update: Something isn't as easy as I thought it was going to be (I thought the search worked totally differently), but I think I just got that figured out. I'll be using a plug-in or writing it from scratch so it'll take a few more weeks for the search. I will start the list before I get the search but I needed to be certain I could do the submissions in a way I could search them. Please sign up for the mailing list so you can be notified as soon as I get it all together. Since there is you can get the top placement for a few weeks and everyone will have to scroll on by you to get to the others. :)

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